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Slim It Waist Trainer

$ 99.00 USD

The holy grail of all workout trainers is finally here!

The Slim It Waist Trainer was specifically designed to deliver amazing results fast and while staying comfortable. It is composed of a thick thermic material that increases body temperature locally to help you burn more calories, elevate EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption or otherwise known as the after burn effect which burns calories even after your workout) tone and tightens midsection, and achieves an overall greater weight loss! Also has a unique cut (unlike all other waist trainers on the market) that compliments the natural curves of women to avoid compressing the upper booty and digging into the under boobs. Has 6 strategically positioned steel rods to focus on making that hourglass shape pop.

When you wear the Slim it Waist Trainer during your workouts expect to take your workouts to the next level and see greater and faster results!

  • Increases localized body temperature
  • Burn Calories even after your workout due to elevated EPOC
  • Burn more Calories
  • Tone and Tighten Midsection
  • Maximize workout results & see results quicker
  • Achieve a greater weight loss
  • Sweat off fat and toxins 
  • 4 rows of hooks
  • Unique Cut that doesn't dig into under boobs and upper booty & compliments womens' curves 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Diana Nguyen
It lovely but it runs too small!

Its great but it runs really small


First and last hook is broken

Mayra M. Morfin-Servin
Horrible doesn’t do what it claims

Will be returning

Leticia Ocegueda

The waist trainer was way to small not an accurate size. ( large) I return it same day for an Exchange for a bigger size. ( XL) I haven’t been updated or heard from anyone regarding my issue.

Not what I was expecting

I didn’t care for how thick this trainer was. I sent it back immediately after I received it.