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Swancoast - About Us

Welcome to Swancoast, a brand with a mission: to give our customers the confidence to live the life they dream about! We have a "wholistic" approach to health and beauty, we believe that our lives are integrated and interconnected with our mind, body and spirit. We deliver the foundation to unleash your full potential and get that body you have always envisioned so you can devote more time to your mind and spirit. There's a reason beautiful people always seem to be happy, we want to help you feel beautiful because you are!

We suggest starting with our Waist Training program to achieve that hourglass shape everyone is after and then rewarding yourself with some gorgeous dresses and bikinis that will show off your sexy body! We are committed to providing the best quality service and products and are always ready and willing to help! Our blog section has invaluable tips and tricks for getting the most out of your waist trainer. We want you to succeed! We love seeing our customers' feedback and photos showing off their new physique and the massive amounts of confidence and positive life changes that come along with it!

We spend massive amounts of time searching for one of a kind dress and bikini styles across the globe to bring you the latest trends and impressive products that will definitely have people doing double takes and leaving a captivating lasting impression. Please let us know if we can improve your experience in any way!

We LOVE you!

The Swancoast Team